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The Characters*

(All are in their 20's except where noted.)

Nick Scarnati


Jeb Alexander
Sensitive, intellectual; not without his flaws and self-doubts, but always honorable. Takes the safe road -- in doing so, he will find he has missed out on some of life's experiences.

Jerry Gibson




C.C. ("Dash") Dasham
Extremely personable, handsome, charismatic and compassionate -- sometimes beyond reason. He regrets that he cannot return Jeb's love, but they both know their friendship is important as well.

Brian Shaer




Nicky Bowman
Boyish and clean-cut as they come. What some see as naiveté is actually a fierce belief in the innate goodness of people.

Virginia Stringel 



Muriel Phillipson
Elegant, society background; always upbeat. Like a sister to Isador and Max. She has selected this unlikely group as boon companions.

Yosvany Reyes




Isador Pearson
Flamboyant; enjoys life to the fullest. At first, his demeanor might make him an unlikely friend for Jeb. But his humor and loyalty reach even the most closeted heart.

Christopher Lococo



Max Stone
Intellectual and practical; a consensus builder. Jeb finds in him a keen advisor, someone whose conduct is always worthy of emulation.

 [Photo not
A tough-as-nails waitress, in her 40's, or even older. Everyone except Muriel and Nicky is terrified of her.

Brandon deSpain 



Hans Vermehren*
From Germany. He finds trying to fit into American society an ongoing struggle. Attracted to Jeb.

*Pronounced: fair-MAIR-en

Terron Jones 




Randall Hare Braggart; conceited, devious. Ultimately he fools no one.

 [Photo not
Rough trade -- a hustler who picks Jeb up one night, and later threatens to expose him.

* Photos are from 2005 New York workshop.

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